We are The Wondering Family, a family of five traveling the world full time since 2018.

On this website, we want to share our journey with you. By that we mean our travel stories, our discoveries, our new experiences. But what we really mean by this is our “inner journey”, the journey that started a few years ago, when we decided to start following our dreams, to redefine our whole life, and start something completely new.

We hope you enjoy our stories and that they can inspire you. We truly believe that “the magic starts where our comfort zone ends”. We would like to invite you to dream with us, to go to the limits of your comfort zone and start making your dreams come true.

Augustus 2018: ons avontuur start in Costa Rica

Ons full time reisavontuur start begin augustus 2018 in Costa Rica. In de zomer van 2017 waren we met het ...
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Zero Waste Home review

Zero Waste Home

We have the right and certainly the power, to bring positive change to the world through our daily decisions and ...
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The Four Hour Workweek

What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.Tim Ferriss "Een werkweek van vier uur" van ...
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Zero Waste Journey: Een Familie Duurzaamheidsworkshop

Ik weet nog dat ik heel blij was op de dag van onze eerste "familie duurzaamheidsworkshop". Duurzaamheid was immers iets ...
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Vegan ijs: gezond genieten!

Hmmmm...... een lekker ijsje gaat er altijd wel in! (nou ja, dit geldt voor de kinderen, voor ons geldt: bijna ...
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Heerlijke vegan bounty’s

Kokosnoot en chocolade..... Een heerlijke combinatie.... Deze lekkernij is dan ook één van onze familietoppers! De kinderen zijn er dol ...
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