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Costa Rican Independence Day

15 september: Independence day in Costa Rica.

We heard from Brad and Tara, the owners of the wonderful Villa’s Hermosas where we are staying, that there was going to be a parade in Cobano, the main city around here, just about 40 minutes drive away. We wouldn’t want to miss it for the world, so this morning at 7:40 we were on the (dusty, potholed) road.

We arrived in Cobano right on time and could see the whole parade getting ready to show off. The morning heat didn’t seem to bother anybody as young and old gathered around the soccer field. It was a colorful crowd full of anticipation for what was to come.

All the schools in the area had been preparing for weeks to get to this point. We were lucky enough to be there witnessing the result of all these efforts.

We loved the couleur locale it brought to our hearts. Seeing all these kids marching the streets in their best outfits giving everything they got, was very heartwarming.

The fact that some of them threw candy around will not be easily forgotten by our kids, Flora in particular. She even dove for some candy, abrading both hands on the pavement. But she got the candy! This was enough for her to forget about the pain and instead she gave us a big smile saying “I got it!”

A wonderful morning out. And we will not easily forget the colors of the Costa Rican flag…


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