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An open door into a new life

It is a steep loose gravel jungle road up the hill to get to our next destination. Fortunately the descriptions are very accurate, because without them we probably would have been lost in the jungle high up in Dominicalito. We might even never have ventured further if the directions wouldn’t have been clear that we needed to drive through the creek. Hooray for the 4WD of Rodrigo!

Upon arrival at the house we are greeted by Marvin, the caretaker. Is it his welcoming attitude or the fantastic house, we can’t tell, but we immediately fall in love with the place. Marvin shows us the wonders of the house and takes us around the garden to tell us what fruits we can eat right off the tree. He shows us the carambola (starfruit) tree in the front yard and let us taste some of it, shows the mango and banana trees, gets a fresh coconut for us right out of the tree so we can taste coconut milk and fresh coconut. We hardly ever felt more welcome.

From San Jose to Dominicalito

This feeling will prevail throughout our stay here. Coming from San José, this house feels like a bliss. We went from the concrete jungle to the real jungle. Dirty roads were replaced by muddy trails. The view on another high rise became the wide open view on treetops and the ocean.

But more important, by coming here we leave behind the hassle and practicalities that made up our first week in Costa Rica. The last couple of weeks in Belgium were extremely hectic and because we had a few things to take care of in San José, some of that frenziness still went on during that first week. The peace and quiet of our new house automatically lets us take a few steps back an calls on us to start truly enjoying what we came here for.

New life

To us, this is the start of our nomadic life as we want it. This place is where we can start building the life we set out to live.

And that is precisely what we start doing right away. We pick up our ‘Hello world’ morning program with meditation and yoga on the incredible first floor terrace. It couldn’t be more perfect. On the first morning we are greeted by a flock of toucans sitting in a tree, on day two we have to stop the yoga session to awe at a large group of white faced capuchin monkeys passing by the house.

We start to make time to prepare breakfast (oatmeal pancakes and fruit) together as a family, cut vegetables for lunch as a true kitchen team and as a team make sure that everything is cleaned up well so we don’t have animals running around the house looking for leftover food or monkeys coming in to steal some lego that was left on the ground. Which was a serious possibility. One night we forgot to put the garbage bag outside and by 5 AM we woke up due to very loud noises in the kitchen. Of course, by the time we got there, no one was to be seen, but the garbage bin had fallen over and all the items in it lay spreaded around on the floor. Lesson learned!

Travel but not holiday

We already felt it in San José, but now it’s becoming more and more obvious that this trip is something completely different than the five week holidays we used to have in previous years. No more than a week into this adventure we can already clearly see the differences. The biggest difference? We’re not on holiday. We’re trying to set up a life here. That means freeing up time to work, to cook, to wash dishes, to do laundry,… When we were travelling we went to restaurants for almost every meal, we had our laundry done, we tried to shut work out as much as possible. That is different now. We do not want to have one year of holiday. Yes, we want to travel, to be on the road, to see new places, but most of all, we want to find a new lifestyle, to build a nomadic life on the road. We want to have as much time for our family as we possibly can while doing what needs to be done like working or householding.

Did we sort everything out already? Do we know how to best align everything? Not at all. But we’re building the bridge while walking on it. We’re taking it one step at a time and see where it brings us. And most importantly, we’re in it as a team. We try to make all the decisions together, discuss the possibilities and find new ways taking every aspect of everybody into account. Hopefully that way we can build this new life fitting for all five of us.

About the jungle house


If you ever go to the Dominical area, do not doubt any more: there will probably be no better place to stay than this lovely house high up on the hill! Check it out at Say hi to Marvin the caretaker, Jillian the lovely owner and Gene the neighbour who invited us on a trip through the jungle to some giant ancient trees around the house, which we unfortunately didn’t find the right time for. We hold on to that invitation for when we get back!

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